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Read Siing Magazine Issue 3

Editor’s letter

I suppose it is something to do with the time of year, that I have been reflecting on events of the last twelve months.
SIING magazine has obviously been a big change for us this year, bringing together the voices of so many people from across the world, at a time when the global population has had to pull together, faced with the challenges that the pandemic has, and is, bringing.

I am so inspired to read about the ways artists are rising up and creating new works, new projects and supporting others through music and song.

Each issue we like to bring you new music – do check out the albums, take a moment to click on some of the links and listen to something fresh and exiting, I am still loving the diverse textures in the fascinating, ‘History in a Frame’ album from Jimmy Dludlu (South Africa) and the uplifting ‘Back to Life’ album from Sam Chaplin,

Singing and the voice bring us together, you can read about the mental health projects in the ongoing series from Dr. Jane Bentley, which sits alongside articles which promote the positive energy that is proven in group singing. What could be more positive than the ‘Choir With No Name,’ led by Sam Chaplin – a place where homeless people congregate and sing together.

On a personal note, I was fascinated to read the latest article from Sally Martin-Brown on changing voices, this time focussing on the transgender voice. I am proud that these LGBTQ+ voices are acknowledged in our magazine and in the world around us. An old friend of mine is featured on YouTube with their piano trio, sitting at their piano, last year in a suit and tie, this year, in a very fetching polkadot dress.

Bring it on.
Albert Hera

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Contents in this issue…

03 – Editor’s letter
06 – New music and projects
08 – This month…
12 – Singing and dementia 3: pathways and resources
15 – Neuromusic VII: shining a light on choral singing as therapy
20 – Why do you sing? The evolutionary and adaptive advantages of singing
23 – Collective Identity 2021 Collaborating with dancers with Parkinson’s as a Vocal Improviser
30 – Hormones, forming vocal identify, and the singing voice
36 – Human Beat Box: the sound that unifies
39 – Singing is…the voice in motion
46 – Mary
48 – The daily 10 and 6. An online Collaborative Vocal Improvisation Community
53 –  Four ways singing in choirs helps homelessness
58 – In conversation with…Pete Churchill
63 – In conversation with…Garth Erasmus
69 – Meeting Anna Masic
72 – What’s on

Read Siing Magazine Issue 3

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