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The sense of the voice


The sense of the voice

The sense of the voice
article written by Dr. Marina Tripodi

The emotional aspects of voice

Have we ever wondered why we get emotional if we listen to some voices? Some voices remind us of feelings (good or bad) and some sounds recall memories, emotions, fears…
How can the same voice create different emotions? What is the reason?
What happens?
sense emotionThere are many studies (Anolli and Ciceri 2002 for example) about the encoding of emotions in the voice and many other studies still talk about “emotional speech”. However only a few analyze the reactions of the audience: listening to the voice can cause different emotions in different people. (Kucharska-Pietura et al., 2003) During my research in artistic vocology and my studies,I have tried to find some answers both to the functional aspect and the euphonic voice and to the power of voice on the audiences.







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