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Editor’s letter With this fourth edition, we have reached the end of the first year of Siing Magazine publications, achieving what we set out to do: entering the world of online publishing with a magazine dedicated to voice and singing. I believe …

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Singing: breathing for the soul

Breathing for the soul article written by Dr. Raffaella Pellegrini Beyond a purely technical vision of breath. Every singer knows the importance of breathing. But breath also plays a fundamental role in the perceptible modifications of the body energy, in the emotional …

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The sense of the voice

The sense of the voice article written by Dr. Marina Tripodi The emotional aspects of voice Have we ever wondered why we get emotional if we listen to some voices? Some voices remind us of feelings (good or bad) and some sounds …

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Strategic plans for winning methods

Strategic plans for winning methods article written by Silvia Girotto …in a pop interpretation of Sun Tzu There are two main methods for the teacher to guide the student towards (or away from) a negotiated goal: the direct method and the indirect …

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On the decadence of voice teaching

But is it possible to trace a continuity in the history of voice teaching considering just ‘old’ singing? Articolo scritto da Silvia Girotto Maestri, Italy no longer hears the excellent voices of yesteryear! It was 1723 and the famous castrato singer Piefrancesco …

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How obesity or weight loss can affect singing?

Both weight loss and obesity can have a negative influence on the voice. article written by Franco Fussi Weight loss programs followed by the artists can determine alterations of the vocal instrument, a problem already existing from the 1950s due to the …

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Osteopathy and voice

The role of osteopathy in the treatment of ailments of the larynx article written by Valentina Carlile Osteopathy, identified as a Health Profession in Italy in 2018, deals with the relation between structure and function of the human body, that is, the …

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Singing and dementia 1: the power of music

Singing as a way to communicate with people with dementia article written by Jane Bentley   It was 2005 – the first time I walked into a long-term ward for people with dementia. I had been invited to run a music session, …

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Editor’s letter I suppose it is something to do with the time of year, that I have been reflecting on events of the last twelve months. SIING magazine has obviously been a big change for us this year, bringing together the voices of …

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Editor’s letter Welcome to our second edition of the UK SIING magazine. There is such a lot in store for you here! I am delighted that the female voice is so fully represented here, from singing with children, in Pellegrini’s article on …

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Editor’s letter Hello and welcome to the first edition of SIING magazine! It has been quite an adventure to get to this point, following hot on the heels of the launch in Italy. We have a feast of articles for you from …