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Osteopathy and voice


Osteopathy and voice

The role of osteopathy in the treatment
of ailments of the larynx

article written by Valentina Carlile

Osteopathy, identified as a Health Profession in Italy in 2018, deals with the relation between

Osteopathy and larynxstructure and function of the human body, that is, the existing links between joints, muscles, organs, viscera, and surrounding tissues, and specifically Somatic Dysfunction, which is any impaired or diminished function of related components of the somatic system (body structure) (ECOP 2011) and classified under M99.00 code in the International Classification of Diseases [ICD-10(2010)].

All these links are important for the functioning of the body that through the coordination between them, can perform all the functions, whether simple or complex.
Osteopathic treatment is an exclusively manual treatment that uses touch and functional tests.

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