Mary Knysh

Mary Knysh, a life in the circle

“Sing what you play, Play what you sing” Mary Knysh, a life in the circle  interview made by Stefano Baroni   Musicians are not just performers. There is a category of musicians who are also music advocates and learning facilitators, helping people …

pete churchill_eng

In conversation with…Pete Churchill

In this edition, I am delighted to bring you my friend and mentor of many years, Mr. Pete Churchill. The breadth of his influence and enthusiasm for music projects and pedagogy on generations of musicians across the globe simply cannot be underestimated. …

siing magazine_1

Siing Magazine the first online magazine dedicated to singing

When & Why Was Siing Magazine born? Siing Magazine was born at the beginning of 2021, from the desire to share readings and reflections on singing, analyzed from the widest possible perspective, since singing is not only a form of communication but …