Siing Magazine Subscription

Siing Magazine is the new Solos Media online magazine , born from a collaboration between the artist Albert Hera, creator of the first portal in the world dedicated to singing,, and the publishing group Musicians & Producers.

Why subscribe to Siing Magazine?

  • A source of insight for professionals
  • A reference point for enthusiasts.
  • A virtual place where you can get updated news, interviews and exclusive content.

You can download the magazine and read it comfortably on your tablet, iphone, smartphone or computer in pdf format.

What does your subscription include?

  • 4 Issues of Siing Magazine (Vol.5 – Vol.6 – Vol.7 – Vol.8)
  • A 30% discount coupon for all SoloS Media publications
  • You can download the magazine in Pdf format
  • You will be able to access all the contents when and how you want



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