About us

SoloS Media is a new player in the publishing sector, which proposes itself with a radically new vision of the market and the balance of power between the players that animate it. Our vision, born from the sharing of years of experience and the desire to break established patterns, is not limited to offering a product, but focuses on the relationship between the different players and the different elements that make it up.

Relation First of all with our readers, offering them the guarantee of exclusive and top-level content, in a logic of access to sharing knowledge at 360 degrees.

Relationship also with our authors, who find in us a partner for the development of complex and long-term projects, with the certainty of being safeguarded and having their value recognized, even at an economic level.

The consequent resultis the establishment of a non-conflictual circular relationship between publisher, artists and users, of mutual satisfaction and loyalty of the parties, which favors a greater generation of value for all.